Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Pile of Poems

For the poetry module of my creative writing course we had to submit a mini-collection of our own poems for assessment. So, while compiling them, I thought I'd show my avid blogollowers (no, I don't think it will catch on either) a mini-collection of my poetry mini-collection. Hope you like them. Any feedback would of course be greatly appreciated.

The Man in the Mirror

The Mirror hangs on the wall
Above the fireplace

Ornate and oblong with golden frame
And decorative jewels

This attic room is layered in the dust of ages
But not the mirror

I am fascinated by it
Without knowing why

When I turn my head to look away
I get my answer

The Man in the Mirror
He doesn’t move an inch

The Blackbird

The blackbird sits on the gravestone
With eyes alert
Protector of the Dead
Or searching for bread crumbs

The Guard
My place is in the corner of the gallery
I am the first to see the visitors as they arrive
They never give me more than a glance
I see them peering at each artwork
With either intellectual passion or faux interest
I am alone with the pieces during the quiet of the night
I sometimes think the painted, sculpted eyes will move
But I know it is impossible
I have been trying to for years
And damn this nagging itch I can’t reach!

The above are all free-verse poems as we mainly focussed on modern poetry but anyone who likes their poetry to rhyme I hope you enjoy this one:

A Sonnet in Scarlet
Eighteen Ninety Five, London laced with fog
An impossible crime in a locked room
Is made, seen by no one caught in the smog
Lestrade will be lost, no solution looms
And, what’s more, a strange cipher by his side
Is this the work of James Moriarty,
A name which makes policemen run and hide?
I’m at the scene but have a friend with me
Domed head, drawn face, deerstalker and clay pipe
He’s mastered the science of deduction
His calculating mind is always ripe
But drug habits cause his self-destruction
The best and wisest man whom ever lived
Sherlock Holmes, the World’s Greatest Detective

And, finally, for those who like experimental poetry, here's one made from cut-and-pasting (yup, really). I had two newspaper articles and alternately used a phrase from each article to form the lines of this poem:

News of the Day
Officials insist
The collsions created
Were not reckless
Particle physicists are
Creating widespread shortages
In supersymetry
The political storm
Transmits the weak nuclear force
Potentially jeopardizing safety
The like would be a serious headache
Forget the rules
The lack of imminent threat
In two dimensional layers
Would be awkward and perverse

Aaaaand, for those of you who don't like poetry at all you may be consoled with the fact this will probably be the last poetry post on this blog for a while -if ever - as I don't plan on doing the form again in my university course.
Happy times and places; see you in April, folks!

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