Monday, 14 March 2011

Being Human is Brilliant!

No, this isn't going to be an oddly reflective piece on the highlights of humanity - sorry, philosophy students- but a post on BBC3's excellent drama Being Human.

The series follows the lives of a Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost who share a house. Unfortunately, this sounds like the set-up to a bad joke which does the series a serious injustice. It's really about the main character's dogged attempts to work themselves back into ordinary society and lead normal lives. Sometimes this leads to humourous escapades but more often then not, to a heartbreak for one of our terrific trio.

Talking of terrific trios - the strength of the cast  is one of the show's great assets. Let's take a look shall we?

Lenora Crichlow is Annie, the sweet young girl who fell down the stairs of her house and has since haunted the place due to 'unfinished business'.
She is seen by no-one until fellow supernaturals George and Mitchell come to live in her house.
One of Annie's most endearing aspects is here insistence on making her friends endless amounts of tea- even though she cannot drink them herself.

Aidan Turner is tortured vampire Mitchell. Over a hundred years old, Mitchell has slaughtered millions due to his 'addiction' to blood. However, he is determined to go cold Turkey and give up his blood-sucking ways. Although, this is easier said then done.
Poor Mitchell always seems to have the worst luck of all our heroes. Be it given life-changing prophecies, made a reluctant 'king of the vampires' or - oh, yes- an endless addiction to human blood - it's certainly not a lark being Mitchell.

And, last but certainly not least, is Russel Tovey who plays the geeky but loveable George who was attacked by a werewolf on holiday in Scotland and now transforms into a werewolf every full-moon.
George first met Mitchell when the valiant vampire saved him from a group of viscious fellow blood-suckers. They soon became the best of friends and soon moved into a certain haunted house in Bristol...

But its not only the acting which is tremendous about this show. The writing is excellent; each episode and the overall story arc equally engaging. It also helps that each series (of which there have now been three) have had a different story to tell.

Series 1 as well as introducing the characters deals with the mystery of Annie's death and, more prominently, the sadistic Vampire boss Herrick's attempt at world domination.

Series 2 sees the thret come from humanity itself when the gang is tracked down by the shady Professor Jagget's organisation which claims to be able to cure supernaturals...

Again, this sounds like silly stuff but its all done with the right balance of comedy and drama so you really care for the characters when their world is repeatedly put at risk. 

And Mitchell, George and Annie's world is never more threatened than in the recent series 3. Dealing with the forces of a resurrected Herrick, the Police and that of Hell itself, surely not all of our heroes can survive to fight another day...

So, if this little introduction to one of the best programmes on telly has whet your appetite, please check out series 3 on Iplayer now.


'Fangs' for listening.

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