Friday, 16 September 2011

Torchwood: Did the Miracle continue?

Apologies for that rather laboured title but as you've probably guessed it's time for another Torchwood post! Over the intervening weeks since my last update on the show's fourth run, the series has developed...well, that's sort of the problem; I'm not sure it has. As I find with those American series which go on for several episodes, it just sort of keeps going. The main characters are still likeable (although the writers have a tendency of sidelining Jack) with Oswald remaining the most intriguing. Exactly how does he fit into the Miracle?
I'm just off to watch the final episode; 'The Blood Line', and I'll report back here ASAP. As the Miracle now has Jack at the centre of it I'll see if he survives. Good luck, soldier!


Well, all I can say is: bravo! I was so worried the series would just limp out but the finale was fantastic. Excitement, emotional pull and unexpected twists, this so comes close to Children of Earth: Day Five on the Satisfying Conclusion Scale. Well done, Miracle Day, I pray their will be another one on soon.
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