Monday, 30 January 2012

Cut and Paste and Post.

Greetings everyone out there in Internetland. The first month of 2012 is almost over and, boy, hasn't it flown? Christmas feels like yesterday, yet it was last year. Anyhow, quantum mechanics isn't the theme of today's post. Most certainly not, in fact, as today I've got a very different piece of fiction for you. The other day for my Creativity module, we were told to bring scissors and glue to the session. Yes, I am still at university. And, yes, I am taking a proper course. We were looking at ways to be creative (as any good writer needs to do) and so were tasked cut up random phrases or sentences that jumped out at us from sheets of pulpy science fiction novels we were given. With these, we were compose something new out of them. I thought I would share the result of mine here with you.

It's a Pendulum Professor

In the distance, night fell.  Moonlight.
He gave his attention to the straightening of his papers by tapping the bottom edges of the podium. He would have looked menacing, but his tiny mouth and chin spoiled the effect.
Pausing for a moment to scan the crowd, Matsui took a deep breath.
‘We believe the killer to be insane. This is disturbing enough, of course.’ He gazed at a spot just over Bach’s left shoulder. ‘If we’re going to push knowledge forward, we will escape our past.’
Heads nodded in the audience.
‘You can raise the ‘nuclear annihilation’ demon.’ Chesnutt chuckled.
‘You will have guessed by now that we intend using you as bait.’
Chesnutt grimaced.
Matsui pushed his hands deep into his pockets. ‘Psychology section says our killer is probably male. Which does not rule out our female suspects.’
‘Good speech, sir’ Henderson stood quietly for a minute. Her eyes were open, and strangely peaceful.
‘I’m sorry.’ From the back of the room, a woman hurried for the door.
Matsui finished his speech. Maybe he was getting too old for the back-stabbing politics of the university.

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