Friday, 6 January 2012

Sherlock's Greatest Moments

The more Sherlock-like among you may have realised there's two very good reasons for a doing a post such as this. Firstly, its a year ago this month that we were all enjoying the flabbergasting fruits of Sherlock Series Two and with the lack of any new Sherlock for the next few months its nice to remind ourselves of how good  the show is. The second reason is that today, Twelfth Night, is Sherlock Holmes' 159th birthday! Its been a long-held Sherlockian idea (based on hints in the Holmes canon) that Holmes was born on 6th January 1854.  It's a testament to Conan Doyle's genius that he created a character who inspired people enough to search through his works so they could give their hero a birthday. Really, though, Holmes is timeless; as a show which updates he and his loyal friend's adventures to the 21st century shows. Many Happy Returns, Mr Holmes!

5. I've Just Got One... 
From: 'The Hounds of Baskerville'

Why: The heart of Sherlock is the staunch friendship between Sherlock and John - which is rarely better demonstrated than in this touching scene. After shouting at John the previous night during their investigation in Dartmoor, Sherlock admits to John that the good doctor is his only friend. This scene also shows the development of Sherlock since the start of Series One; it seems impossible that that Sherlock Holmes would have admitted to have a relationship of any kind with a(nother) human being.

4. Sherlock Christmas
From: 'A Scandal in Belgravia'

Why: A real favourite of mine. It adds nothing to the overall plot but which Sherlock fan would not want to see all the CSI Baker Street gang celebrating Chrimble round Sherlock and John's? Its hilarious to see that Sherlock does not even switch off his dream-shattering deductions at Christmas, costs John another girlfriend by getting her name wrong whilst still showing off his violin skills. This scene also delivers a bittersweet moment when Sherlock humiliates dear old Molly Hooper, as usual, but then apologises for his behaviour! Perhaps even Sherlock's stony heart gets warmed by the spirit of Christmas?

3. Meet Moriarty
From: 'The Great Game'

Why: Right from his first appearance, Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty, 'the most dangerous criminal mind the world has ever seen', is completely engrossing - in a camp yet dangerous way that's all his own. The way he dances rings round Sherlock in this scene - a man we know well enough by now to know that's very unusual - and spouts some of the most memorable lines of  the series makes this one of the show's best scenes. But then, if you're a fan like me, everything I have  to say has already crossed your mind...

2. The Address is 221B Baker Street...
From: 'A Study in Pink'

Why: Simply because its the moment our two heroes first meet! Ingeniously lifted straight from the pages of Conan Doyle and plonked into this spanking new TV show, this wonderful scene introduces John's fascination and amazement at Sherlock's methods as well as giving us a very good impression of the fundamentals of Sherlock's character: his coldness, charisma, love of technology, scientific knowledge - and, of course, his brilliance. The two men - although very different - clearly like each other straight away. Little knowing it will be the start of a great friendship.

1. The Fall
From: 'The Reichenbach Fall'

The Sherlock moment at the top of my list is also the last (for the moment, not ever - I for one can't wait for Series Three later this year). Moriarty's masterplan has been deployed, and Sherlock's reputation lays in tatters. With Moriarty threatening his only friends in the world - John, Lestrade and Mrs Hudson - it seems Sherlock's only option is to give into his nemesis - and jump from the roof of Barts Hospital. The build-up to THE moment is full of tension and cracking dialogue ('the side of the angels' line is one of my favourites) while the phone-conversation between John and Sherlock is heart-breaking, beaten only by John's lament to Sherlock's grave in the following scene. Even though we know Sherlock (somehow) lives on, its still quite the powerful scene. Series Three has a lot to live up to but after the quality of the previous two series,  I have full faith.

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