Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lost in Time

Inspired by a recent post on Doctor Who comic writer, Jonathan Morris' blog, I got all nostalgic and thought it'd be fun to seek out some of my old notebooks which I used to fill to the brim with scribblings for Doctor Who stories when I was a young teen . Sometimes half-written adventures, occasionally a synopsis or plot summary but mostly just a title and a few notes. So, after excavating one from the deep, dark recesses of my room, I've decided to share some of these teenage dreamings with you. Please don't make fun, I'm confiding in you here. And no stealing, I may use some of these one day. Ta.

The Face Escape - I bet I was pleased with myself for this pun. This didn't have much about written about other than that it contained a villainous evil computer called the Face.

The Nightmare World - This is one I was really proud of and worked out a full plot for. I'm sadly not going to tell you a lot about it but suffice it to say I sort of beat Steven Moffat to the punch with this one. And I mean that in the least arrogant way possible.

Slitheen Rivalry - I really loved my pun titles, eh? No prizes for guessing which monsters this featured.

Cave of the Dragon - Must have been done before this one; Doctor Who in medieval times.

The House That Flew Away - I believe this idea came about after watching 'Zathura.' 'Nuff said.

Tomb of Sontaris - I'm pleased with this one too. It has a nice story to it.  Who knows, it might see the light of day yet.

The Phantom Force - Your guess is as good as mine here.

The Cybermen of Ages - You can tell I'm a fan boy, can't you?

Eye of the Rani -  What happened to her other one?

Ghost House - Title says it all really.

Thunderstorm - Don't know where I was going with this one.

The Entrapped Enemy - Lame title. I think it was to do with Omega.

The Last Sphere - This one was for Tom Baker's Doctor - interesting.

The Catrigan Catastrophe - Nice ring to it, no idea what it consists of though.

The Nestene Child - Says it on the tin.

Book of Scroll - Ooohh, hmmm...

The Crystalline Crysallis - Maybe my favourite title out of these. Just sounds good.

What do you think? Do any have some merit? It's an interesting exercise, this, even though I'm not sure quite what to take from it. Though, I think I might search again for more of my old notebooks now. You never know what I might find.

The Singular Affair of the Apparent Death of Sherlock Holmes

Oh, before I go,; in case you've been living on the dark side of the moon for the past week you will know how the superb second series of Sherlock culminated. For those that have been on an extraterrestiral jaunt, the nation watched through teary eyes as Sherlock plummeted to his death, jumping off St Bart's Hospital, only to reappear, shortly after, at his own graveside!
The internet has been awash with theories about how he escaped (Moffat and Gatiss are remaining stoutly schtum), some plausible and others very bizarre. My personal favourite of the mad ones is that the Sherlock we saw fall was actually just a Tesselecta (the shape-shifting, numbskull-carrying justice-serving spaceship from Doctor Who last year which died in the Doctor's place). The best of the ones that could actually be true is possibly Paul Cornell's, although I dissagree with him on a few points. I suspect that whatever any of us come up with will never be what will actually turn out to be truth.

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