Sunday, 21 August 2011

Who's telling the truth?

A few weeks ago, Karen Gillan confirmed in an interview that she would be staying on for the seventh series (her third) of Doctor Who. When I heard this, I cheered. Amy is a fantastic companion. Feisty, funny, sexy and, for those who think she's too full of herself, she has a vulnerable side. Ms. Gillan herself also plays the part brilliantly; delivering the comic lines perfectly and all managing to make us feel with her (e.g. her terrific performance in the Doctor's death scene in 'The Impossible Astronaut'). Equally excellent is Amy's long-suffering husband, Rory. A character who could have easily stayed as a comedy figure, Rory has developed into a proper, bonafide companion with his own stories (becoming the Last Centurion) thanks to great writing and Arthur Darvill's portrayal. Together with Matt Smith's truly endearing Doctor, you have the best TARDIS crew ever.
However, yesterday, I read (spoilers, you just can't ignore them) that Amy and Rory are leaving at the end of this series. Such conflicting reports! We don't have to long to find out. Personally, though, I hope Karen was telling the truth!
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