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Amy and Rory's Best Moments

And here it is. The Pond's final day. Tonight at 7.20pm on BBC One (for UK viewers) the mid-season finale 'The Angels Take Mahattan' is broadcast and will be Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill's last appearance in Doctor Who. Feeling sad? Want something to cheer you up? Well, you've come to the wrong blog as the following post may set of the waterworks as we look back at the Pond's greatest moments: as there won't be any more after this evening.

Top Amy Moments!

She's a kissogram! - The Eleventh Hour

The Doctor meets curious young Amelia Pond immediately after regenerating. Due to a fault of the destroyed TARDIS, the next time he meets her it seems Amelia - now Amy - Pond is all grown up and has become a policewoman... or a nurse... or was it a nun? No, the Doctor's little Amelia is actually a kissogram. The Doctor was shocked and so were we: right from the off, Amy was definitely a very different companion.

Amy chooses Rory - Amy's Choice

A major theme of Amy and Rory's first series is Amy's conflict about who to choose; the Doctor or Rory? However, once the dastardly Dream Lord traps the travelling trio in a dream world in which Rory dies Amy realises that she can't live without her fiancee (everyone now: 'Awwww'). It's a very important moment in the unfolding relationship of the Ponds from Amy describing Rory as her 'sort of boyfriend' early on to being happy to marry him later in the series.

The Raggedy Man is Late for their Wedding - The Big Bang

Talking of which, when Mr and Mrs Pond (cos it really does work like that with them) finally tie the knot in a world where the Doctor has never existed due to the time crack in her wall and the universe pouring into her head, Amy is able to remember the Doctor which brings him back into the world! Hooray! And just in time for a dance!

Top Rory Moments!

Rory punches Hitler - Let's Kill Hitler
Yes, I think we could all watch this for hours. Rory demonstrates his physical side as he smacks the Fuhrer right round the face. Well, he had just shot he's daughter. And, you know, he's Hitler.

The Lone Centurion -  The Big Bang 

We knew right away that Rory was loyal to Amy - but until he decided to guard her while she was trapped inside the Pandorica we didn't know how much. While the universe is all topsy-turvy and all over the place and he's a plastic Roman (I won't explain it now but, to be honest, it makes little more sense in the episode - in a nice way), Rory waits 2000 years until Amy can leave the Pandorica. Now that's what I call commitment.

Where. Is. His.Wife? - A Good Man Goes to War

When the Doctor and Rory discover that Amy has been kidnapped they do everything they can to find her - including blowing up some cybermen! Once again in the persona of the Lone Centurion, Rory gives the Cybermen a 'message' from the Doctor (the above explosion) and a question from himself (the above title). We know from other times that Rory is fiercely loyal to his wife but in this moment we see he is also super cool! Go Rory. 

Top Pond moments
                                                         Stupid Face - Day of the Moon

Amy is once again kidnapped (it doesn't happen that often really) this time by the Silence, as the Doctor, River and Rory search for her Rory clutches the device that's allowing him to hear Amy - but she can't hear him. As he bravely says he'll keep looking for her, Amy speaks of how a man fell out of the sky and changed her world. Of course it turns out that Amy was indeed speaking of her husband ('it's a figure of speech, moron!'). Another great 'aww' moment from the Ponds. 

Old Amy - The Girl Who Waited

The pivotal scene of this wonderful episode is a proper emotional moment as Rory has to leave an older, harsher version of his wife out of the TARDIS to be killed by white robots so the younger, our Amy can live. Both actors play blinding performances and show that they can play the lighter and more serious sides of their characters.

They Don't Divorce! - Asylum of the Daleks

Hi-hip hooray. I can't have been the only Amy and Rory fan to have been dreading 'Asylum' a bit once I heard that the Ponds were going to divorce. For the first half of the episode or so, that is exactly what is happening. After all these moments that we've looked at where the Ponds show what a great team they are and what they can survive through, they seem to now hate the sight of each other. However, in another emotionally-charged scene from Gillan and Darvill the Ponds pour out their problems and anxieties; mainly the fact that Amy can't have kids and how she felt she had to force herself to let Rory go because of this. Who says you can't have heart-to-hearts in the middle of a mad Daleks asylum.  

So there are my personal favourite Pond moments. However, I'm sure by the end of tonight I could fill another list of touching Amy and Rory scenes from that episode alone.

As said episode is only a few hours away, there's just time to say thank you to Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill who have brought the characters alive so well over the past two and a half years of the show. I'm sure both will go onto other successes. One thing's for sure, though, their time on Doctor Who will be fondly remembered. To Amy and Rory!

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