Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Being Human is Back!

This week, BBC3's supernatural comedy-drama about a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire, Being Human howls/bites or floats its ways back to our screens this week for a fifth series. The biggest issue for many surrounding it is that it is the first series to contain a main cast totally different from the line-up of the first series. The original housemates, Annie (Lenora Crichlow), George (Russell Tovey) and Mitchell (Aiden Turner, seen on the big screen recently for his portrayal as Kili the Dwarf in The Hobbit) having been succeeded by Alex (Kate Bracken), Tom (Michael Socha) and Hal (Damien Molony). The other change is that the series has been snipped from eight episodes to six, like the first series. While others are apprehensive, for a number of reasons, I'm highly anticipating the series; I think it could be the best since Series One. 
Although I loved the original 'trinity' back in their day, I think a new friendship at the heart of the show could really reinvigorate it; and, all three new leads have been in the show before. Hal and Tom were leads in last year's series, their budding friendship, being the crux of most episodes while Alex became familiar with viewers at the end of that series. As those who saw last series know, Alex' transition into ghosthood is arguably Hal's fault so their friendship may be a little spiky - especially as, according to the series finale, Hal is entering one of his 'bad moods' when he gets his ... cravings back. However things will shape up, what we have seen of the trio together so far I think is extremely promising. 
The shift in structure could also be a good turn for the series. With just six episodes, the writers will really have to streamline the overarching plots that creator Toby Whithouse is fond of which may help the focus of the show. Also, I really like the idea of that our heroes run a hotel, as is the premise of this new series. As nearly every episode revolves around a fellow supernatural visiting their house anyway so to make that part of the plot makes perfect sense. 
Plus, this series will also give us Phil Davis as Captain Hatch, an embittered old military man with a hatred for supernaturals. Mr Davis has some big shoes to fill as Being Human has had some great villains over the past four years. Series Two's deranged, misguided priest Kemp, the idealistic Cutler, the delicious evil king of the vampires Mr Snow (Mark Gatiss can always be relied upon to play a good villain). However, the ultimate Being Human villain is Series One and Three's main antagonist William Herrick, a dedicated, vicious vampire intent on vampire insurrection. Jason Watkins (who's to guest star in a Neil Gaiman-penned episode of Doctor Who later this year) pitches Herrick exactly right; somewhere between full-on quipping, hissing villainy to a believable human being (or near enough) with extraordinary ambition. The show has never let me down on the villain front, though, so I've high hopes for what Davis will deliver, as he has previously played villains in my two other favourite television series, Doctor Who and Sherlock

Obviously, I'd recommend you tune into BBC3 this Sunday to catch the first episode of the series, 'The Trinity', but if you're still not convinced have a butcher's at the trailer below. Farewell. 

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