Sunday, 12 June 2011

Time for a rant, methinks.

I've learnt never to rely on technology. Every time I need to do something pretty sharpish - which is a lot of the time actually as I have a knack of leaving things not quite to last minute but the penultimate one - and I need to use technolgy e.g. computer it always let's me down. Example below:

Myself: Argh, coursework due in next week. Time to write it up (clicks Word)

Word: I'm afraid your document has been deleted. A substitute file has been created for your benifit.

Myself; OK, wel that maybe useful.

Word: (substitute file opens and appears to be an animation of a monkey wearing a fez riding a unicycle)

Myself: Or not.

Warning, above events may be entirely fictitious.

The mechanical mishap that has brought on this rant is that my laptop has decided to prevent me from completing a form which is extremely significant in my ascent to university - which is only a few months away and so needs to be done. I try to load the page and it simply won't budge. Like the page hasn't moved for so long it's got overweight and can't find the energy to shift itself.

Ah well, let's calm myself down by watching Matt Smith and Charlie the Badger pester Karen Gillan.

Although the technology wil probably fail me.

I've learnt not to rely on it.


Several days after I posted this technology got its revenge.
First, my laptop gets infected with a horde of horrendous viruses (is that the correct plural for virus? viri?) then when they're removed it deletes my internet history, favourites etcetera, stops me from having a desktop background AND has deleted my word documents!
I'm not sure even Matt, Karen and Charlie will be able to cheer me up this time.

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