Monday, 25 July 2011

The Coat, the Astronaut and the Pyramid

Doctor Who Series Six: Part Two is just around the corner. And it seems the BBC has only just realised this as Iin the past day, we've suddenly been bamboozled by tonnes of preview items, each presenting tantalising new hints about the new episodes. The new promotional image above, for example, shows the Doctor in a new coat! With Silent and Astronaut! All in front of a Pyramid!
And there's also the lip-smacking brand-new trailer containing Hitler, River Song, Silence, Cybermen, The Doctor snogging Craig from 'the Lodger', Cybermen and Weeping Angels. Did I mention the Cybermen?
Also, a preview clip, over a minute long, taken from episode 11 'The God Complex has been released showing a horrible-looking horned creature and a depressive clown amongst other things.
But wait. That's still not all.
The BBC have also revealed the names of two more episodes coming up. Joining Steven Moffatt's 'Let's Kill Hitler' and Toby Whithouse's 'The God Complex' in the run wil be 'Night Terrors' by Mark Gattiss and 'The Girl Who Waited' by Tom MacRae. This leaves only the top-secret final two episode titles unknown.
And that's still not all.
Karen Gillan has confirmed that she will return for Series Seven next year. Hooray for Pond!
That's all.

Phew, after all that I'm a bit exhausted. I may need a Doctor...

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