Monday, 24 October 2011

Many Apologies!

Dear followers, I'm sorry. Here you are investing your time in following my humble (Chal)blog - even keeping up to date with it as well, if you're reading this post - and I reply your kindness by failing to post anything! Well, as I've settled in to university now (studying Crearive Writing at the University of Winchester, if any of you were wondering), I'm going to make it an aim to post on here at least once a week. And, to kick off this this massively popular, multi-million dollar reboot, I'm going to post a three-part spooky short story for you lot to enjoy over this coming Hallowe'en weekend. And, while I'm at it, please remember to take part in Neil Gaiman's soon-to-be Hallowe'en tradition, All Hallow's Read.

Ghoul-d night, everyone. Be back here for my Tales of Terror, starting Saturday!

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