Sunday, 13 May 2012

Vids of the Month - Pixar Special

Hey blog-dwellers! As it's nearing summertime, with the birds singing, drawn-out days and lots of torrential rain (British folk will understand me here), I thought I'd take you all back to your childhoods with themed selection of vids this month - all from Pixar!

5. Lifted

My comments on these videos are usually more in-depth but I'm not sure Pixar really need any introduction. I always find their work clever, funny and charming. The idea behind this one - aliens abducting people as if it's a driving test I think shows off all three.

4. Geri's Game

I love this one. An old man playing chess doesn't seem a very captivating idea from the those who brought us talking toys, lost fish and...all the others, but they pull it off brilliantly. I think we all hope we have Geri's imagination when we're his age. Whatever his age is. Seeing as he's not real.

3.  Tin Toy

One of Pixar's first film shorts obviously demonstrates straight away, their most famous idea; that of toys coming to life. It's very familiar to Toy Story, the first in particular (a jealous toy) and also Toy Story 3 (toys dreading being drooled on by children). Why did that toy never come back?

2.  Luxo Jr

Yeah, everyone knows the Luxo lanp. I don't really need to say much about this one.It's a great example of their work though. Like they make you care for a clownfish or a big ball of blue fur, here you laugh alongside a desk lamp.

1. Partly Cloudy

Aand finally, here's one I only saw for the first time the other day but which is definitely my favourite. I'm not quite sure why other than that I love that cloud. It's also a great, really cleverly visual and witty idea behind it. Just gold. Cloudy gold. 

Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon for another exciting installment of 'Random Youtube Links I Collect in A Post!'

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