Thursday, 29 March 2012

A blog post for 'Buffy'

I realise I'm about ten years behind the rest of the world when I say this but I'll go ahead with it anyway..I've only just started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I literally hadn't seen an episode before last month.
It's strange that I haven't before now since some of my favourite shows are series that mix the extraordinary with the ordinary e.g. Doctor Who, Torchwood, Being Human, even Sherlock, I'd say. I also knew of the impact Buffy had on those shows - Russel T Davies is a huge Buffy fan and now having seen it I can see the influence on his Doctor Who and in particular Torchwood - yet I just had never got round to sitting down and watching it. However, over the Christmas break, I caught an episode on SyFy, the one where there's no dialogue (Buffy fans among you may know the title) and decided it looked like a quirky, fun series and made a note to myself: 'you know, I should watch more of these.'
And I did. Since then I've watched Season One and I've nearly completed Season Two and I have to say I'm having a whale of a time.
Season One is a little ropey and inconsistent, I'll admit, but it significantly held my interest and liked the lead characters straight away. Sarah Michelle Gellar is of course great in the lead while I really like Alyson Hannigan's Willow and Nicholas Brendan as Xander. Oh, and Anthony Head as Giles is fun too. Even Angel's not too bad even if even if I do keep thinking 'Ah, so that's who Edward Cullen's based on.'
Season Two is a whole lot better though, I feel. The momentum is cranked up and the main cast has swelled - in a good way (there must be about ten lead charcters by mid season two). Spike and Drusilla I'm fond of as the Big Bads (I believe that's the term) plus it gets even better when Angel goes bad, giving David Boreanez a chance to do some evil.
I realise I've got a long way to go til the end of the series and probably a few months of viewing but I'm enjoying mysefl doing so. With the lack of any Doctor Who on TV over the spring and summer, it's nice to have a great show to look forward to watching.

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