Thursday, 6 December 2012

Meet Silas and Smedley

Hello all of you out there in blogger-land, I thought I'd let you know I've created a new blog...

The Assembled Experiences of Silas and Smedley is a blog dedicated to short fiction I've written that features two original characters; the mysterious Victorian gentlemen, Silas and his loyal companion, Dr Smedley. Yes, they are in part a pastiche of Holmes and Watson but, I hope, they also stand up by themselves. From inside their big spooky country home, the two friends often encounter some supernatural occurence that leads to suspenseful (and often humorous) consequences.

The blog so far has seven posts up and so is still in its early stages but I hope to update it fairly regularly when I feel its time for a new story for my intrepid adventurers.

For more information, I'll let Dr Smedley speak to you himself in this message from the 'About' page of the blog;

Dear reader,

Many thanks for visiting this, the treasure trove of sensation, suspense and scares that is the assembled experiences of my dear friend, the enigmatic Silas and my good self, Dr James J Smedley, formerly of her Majesty's army.
A long time ago, for you, I gathered my notes on the times I shared in the company of Silas and secured them in the vaults of a high-security bank to be opened a hundred years into the future and shared with the world - for I felt sure that the world of the 21st century would be ready for the tales that I collected.
And now my wish has been fulfilled. Here you will find regularly delivered tales of our encounters in which we often found ourselves with the weird yet wonderful in this world . Of course, some adventures are just too much for the public to handle at any time - alas, the strange case of the Miniature Elephant of Java and its like will have to stay between myself and the estimable character of Silas for the rest of time.

Yours sincerly,

Dr Smedley

If this interests you please pop over and have a look. And perhaps leave a comment; I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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