Thursday, 28 February 2013

Name the Fish - Results

A few weeks ago I gave you the wonderful opportunity to suggest some names for the fish that sit perpetually to the left of my blog.posts And, the great people that you are, you responded and made some excellent suggestions. However, as competitions don't work that way, I couldn't choose them all and so have, after much deliberation, decided upon the names with which to christen my fish. Odd sentence, that one.

Blue - Sexy. A nice Doctor Who reference by the person who suggested this one. In Neil Gaiman's 'The Doctor's Wife', the Doctor nicknames his TARDIS 'Sexy' so this one chose itself. Geddit? TARDIS? Blue?  Oh, you get it.

Red & Red: Holmes and Silas. The name Holmes needs no explanation but the second might illicit some confusion. It's the name of one of my own characters, a pastiche of Holmes, whom I created for a university assignment before he span off into his own blog.

Yellow - Fish Custard. Another fun Who joke here. Any familiar with Matt Smith's series will understand this one.

Green - Stock Cube. Technically someone suggested this for blue but I thought it fitted the green fish better. As far as I can tell there's no reasoning behind the suggestion, which is why I was drawn to it.

Black - Damien. This fish shares its name with Damien Molony, the vampire lead in one of my favourite series, Being Human. 

And there you go. Thanks all of you for getting involved in this frivolous fish exercise. To celebrate the fish having names, I've introduced a new fish into the fold; an orange one called Creature. Please go make him feel welcome.


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