Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Name the Fish - Competition

Since the dawn of time (of this blog), this site has had a feed-able fish tank widget to the side of the posts. It's proven a popular feature with visitors, so I think it's high time I named the fish, as they seem to be here to stay.

As you may have guessed, I've decided to leave it up to you, readers. This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to name some computer-generated fish.  Just comment your suggestions in the comment section below or tweet me at Chalbo100. The more creative the suggestions are the better; let your imaginations run wild. One rule though, each name has to have something to do with what I cover on my blog. For instance, you might suggest that the blue one should be called Doctor. Though, you can't now as I've just used it. Sorry. 
So please get suggesting and I'll announce the winners (and who came up with them) in another post to follow. 

Happy fish-naming, 



  1. Blue - Sexy (The Tardis)
    Red - Watson
    Red - Holmes
    Yellow - Doctor
    Green - Scribble
    Black - Bigfoot

  2. Black - James (Bond)
    Red - Silas
    Red - Smedley
    Blue - 50/Fifty (Doctor Who's Birthday)
    Green - Chalbo :)
    Yellow - Fish Custard

    Nice feature :)

  3. Black - Damien
    Red - Hal
    Red - Brian
    Blue - Stock Cube
    Green - Molony
    Yellow - Sue
    eh,eh? ;D

  4. Great suggestions, everyone! Thanks for having a go. :)

    1. the red, blue and yellow fishes are obviously fortune tellers and you should evidently be blogging about sue and brian the stock cubes!

  5. Aha very good observation there, halsfaceisgreat! :) Who knows if what you speak of is true? All I can say is, watch this space...


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